Autono-mow – The DIY Autonomous Lawnmower – Day 2

Day 2 of robot lawnmower resulted in the second drive motor and wheel being added and “Better” electrical on/off system implemented.

This new electrical system allowed Forward/Off control of each motor.

The following video shows a test run without any extra weight.

Download Day2-UnloadedMP4

The following video shows a similar test run with a calibrated weight added to represent the extra load that will be imposed on the mower with cutting drive, battery, etc.

Download Day2-LoadedMP4

Autono-mow – The DIY Autonomous Lawnmower – Day 1

Work began today on my Autonomous robotic lawnmower.

The intention is that this robot should be able to mow the lawn in my back yard without major human interaction.

The mechanical works began today with an old Rover mower having the back wheels removed and new rear drive wheel added. Driven by EK Ford Falcon windscreen wiper motors.

The Mower for Modification

The video below shows only one wheel added and being powered by a 12v sealed lead acid motorbike battery. As can be seen in the video the battery is connected directly to the motor terminals.

Download Video – Day1-Bump Test