Backyard wood fired pizza oven DIY – Day 1

Last weekend we watched a few videos on youtube and then decided that we had the knowledge required to build our own brick pizza oven in the backyard. This process took about 8 hours with 2-3 people working, we still need to render the outside and tile the inside floor but here is the progress so far.

The chosen position.

Measuring out the 1.5m radius from the center peg

3mm ply nailed to the timber pegs for formwork and reinforcement cut

Added plastic waterproof membrane to protect concrete

Pouring 100mm thick concrete base

The template for the arch made from two sheets of 12mm ply with a wrapping of 3mm ply around the sides and top

Concrete slab finished

Starting to brick over arch and around the walls in the still wet concrete

Completed arch

Beginning of the formwork to hold up the brick work while it goes off

The completed formwork to hold the brickwork. This is made of a center post and a few supports from timber wrapped with 3mm ply to form the dome.

Another view of the formwork with the first row of bricks being put in.

Halfway bricked up

Added old clay pipe for chimney

Finished for the day

2 thoughts on “Backyard wood fired pizza oven DIY – Day 1

  1. Hi There NICE oven. Did you use sand cement morter or something else? I was wondering because of the heat generated?

    Regards Carlton


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