How to run Minecraft on Ubuntu 10.10

Install the openjdk
Copy and paste this into the terminal window (Click Applications –> Accessories –>Terminal)

 sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre openjdk-6-jre-headless

Then just download the game to your home folder and run at the terminal

 java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp Minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame

If you have trouble you could try this, it appears as if the filename has changed. This is due to Linux being case sensitive.

 java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame

Backyard wood fired pizza oven DIY – Day 5 – Morning

This morning we lit a small fire on the new slab to allow it to heat slowly as the inside floor slab has only had about 12hours to cure. We should probably have left it for a week or so but the oven is scheduled for use later tonight.

The finished floor slab


Lighting the first fire


First signs of smoke


Oven beginning to smoke


The first fire


The first fire


The fire burnt down.

During the inital fire lighting we put a thermometer on the top of the chimney and it reached 200 degrees celcius before we decided to take the thermometer as the temperature reading was still climbing.




In order to take full advantage of the ovens potential it was used to cook breakfast.


Cooking apparatus





Backyard wood fired pizza oven DIY – Day 4

Today we added 75mm of small (25mm) loose rock to the inside of the oven, this layer of rock was then covered with a 40mm concrete slab.

This slab will lock in an air pocket between the base of the oven and the floor level that will act as  insulation between the ground and the inside of the oven.

We have not got any pictures of this process.

Backyard wood fired pizza oven DIY – Day 2


Today we stripped the formwork from inside the oven… This took about an hour or so.



The oven at the start of day 2



The oven at the start of day 2



Cutting the door out with power saw and hand saw






Door arch removed



Photos of the inside formwork




Photos of the inside formwork



Photos of the inside formwork



Photos of the inside formwork



Removal of formwork



Removal of formwork



Removal of formwork





Backyard wood fired pizza oven DIY – Day 1

Last weekend we watched a few videos on youtube and then decided that we had the knowledge required to build our own brick pizza oven in the backyard. This process took about 8 hours with 2-3 people working, we still need to render the outside and tile the inside floor but here is the progress so far.

The chosen position.

Measuring out the 1.5m radius from the center peg

3mm ply nailed to the timber pegs for formwork and reinforcement cut

Added plastic waterproof membrane to protect concrete

Pouring 100mm thick concrete base

The template for the arch made from two sheets of 12mm ply with a wrapping of 3mm ply around the sides and top

Concrete slab finished

Starting to brick over arch and around the walls in the still wet concrete

Completed arch

Beginning of the formwork to hold up the brick work while it goes off

The completed formwork to hold the brickwork. This is made of a center post and a few supports from timber wrapped with 3mm ply to form the dome.

Another view of the formwork with the first row of bricks being put in.

Halfway bricked up

Added old clay pipe for chimney

Finished for the day

Sleep for windows 7

I often use my computer as a media player as i go to sleep.

I threw together these two shortcuts to turn my computer off after a hour.

These auto timed shutdown shortucts open the command prompt and schedule a shutdown with the windows shutdown command.

One shortcut starts the shutdown timer and the other one stops the runnning timer incase you change your mind.

These could also be reconfigured to time delay sleep,  hibernate or restart.

Download the two shortcuts here

Shutdown Shortcuts