Lame but mildly successful hacking attempt on my ubuntu 10.4

Ive seen this attack occur on a windows xp machine running realvnc a number of years ago but this time it hit my ubuntu 10.4 machine.


I am currently working away from an internet connection so i am using my phone tethered with my computer to get online (see my last post). This configuration gives my laptop my public IP address ( ie no network address translation).

I was sitting at my machine just about to start programming and all of a sudden my mouse starts moving.

I looked at the gnome to panel just as it flashed the “your computer is being remotely controlled” message from the VNC server vino built into ubuntu.

The remote connection then typed the following message as if it was trying to run that command.

You can see the command now in line 8 of my program. Windows users will recognize this as an attempt to open the windows command line.

The remote connection terminated a second later and the attack was over.

I then opened my remote desktop preferences to check whether or not I had turned it on

It doesn’t appear that anyone should have had access as the service was not really activated.

If you look closely you will see however that even though the options are greyed out the box for “allow others users to control…” was ticked and all the security boxes were unticked. I cannot remember what settings i had before the attack and its possible that as part of the attack the settings were changed but as all it tried to do was run a windows command (as far a i could see) i can only assume that the attack was probably not written to attack gnome.

All in all made for a good laugh seeing a windows attack play out on a linux machine. I just hope nothing else happened that i didnt see.


Edit: I had a bit of a flip through my system logs and it looks all clean.

Tether your Sony Ericsson Aino or U10i on Linux / Ubuntu

My carrer is Optus in Australia and i’m using Ubuntu 10.4 and i want to be able to connect to the internet via my sony ericsson aino also known as the U10i

Heres the quick how to.


Plug in your phone with the usb cableIt will then try to connect to your computer and look for the windows software (this default can be changed)


Click cancel on the phone and then choose the linux option

Now on your ubuntu desktop click the network manager icon in the system tray

Now disconnect from the USB wired network this appears to take priority over the 3G connection so the easiest way to get around it is to disconnect from the wired PC-Phone network.

Now Right click the network manager icon

and choose edit connections

Select the Mobile Broadband tab and edit the connection

The phone number shown is generally accepted as common for most carriers but the APN will come from your phone.

On your phone go to Settings–> Connectivity –> Internet Settings

It should look something like this

from here the APN is “internet” as that is what is written under the Connect using heading.

Now click Ok to all the open windows and click on the network manager icon again and now select “Optus” or the name of your carrier and you will be connected