How to use an Xbox1 controller on your PC


I wanted to be able to use my old Xbox1 controller to play racing games on my pc.

I found here

Some basic instructions but i did not want to cut up my controller cable but I had an old bricked Xbox in the cupboard that i could pull the ports out of and cut them instead.


Xbox socket out of the bricked Xbox

Cut the end of the USB cable


Usb cable with the unneeded end cut off

Line up the colours (the extra yellow from the Xbox socket is not required


USB cable and the Xbox socket ready for solder

Solder and heatshrink


Post solder and heatshrink

Final product


Final product

Result of “lsusb” command on Ubuntu


Command line showing success under Ubuntu 10.4

I’m still trying to sort out the driver situation for windows 7 64bit and windows vista 32bit.

I will update this post when i have more info but just two links for now…