A nearly up to date photo summary of pinball table

Basic table layout mostly finished now that the aluminum rails are installed.

Pinball 023.

Pinball 024

Pinball 025

Pinball 026

Early flipper prototype.

Pinball 028

Flipper assembly.

The solenoid closes and pulls on the short piece of aluminum rotating the bolt in the top left that is attached to the flipper on the topside of the table

Pinball 031

The shooter assembly.

Pinball 035

Pinball 036

The complete flipper.

Pinball 037

The completed front of the table.

Pinball 039

Two sets of three targets.

The ball strikes the front circle and pushes the backplate against the ‘L’ shaped part screwed to the floor. Electrodes are connected to the two components and this will be used to send score signals to the micro controller.

PinBall 006

PinBall 007

PinBall 008

My first bumper finished.

I will need to replace the rubber. As the ball strikes the rubber the rubber presses on one of the two switches which trigger the hammer (in the middle) which hammers back on the rubber.

PinBall 009

PinBall 010

PinBall 011

The underside of the hammer

PinBall 017

The drink holder to be fixed to the side of the table

PinBall 012

PinBall 013

The front underside of the table showing both flippers finished and the ‘safety light’

PinBall 014

A dell (its not quite standard) small form ATX power supply and power plug

PinBall 018

PinBall 019

Underside shots of both flippers, one hammer and the powersupply

PinBall 020

PinBall 022

This is nearly the table up to date, the second hammer has been finshed and i have started to design the round bumper things to go in the back. More at the end of the semmester.