How to use ISP and Ponyprog with my Atmega32 board

I got my PCB back from uni on friday and have added most of the components, however because i had been using the chip on a breadboard i had set the baud rate for the RS232 connection way down to 19200. Now that i have the chip on a real board it was time to turn it up a bit. The baud rate was hard coded into the bootloader so that needed to be reflashed.

The inital bootloader flash was done at uni using a serial port ISP programmer however i had just cut up my last serial cable and crimped a nice end to match my boards RS232 port so i didnt want to destroy it to flash via ISP. So i dug out this ET-AVR ISP that i purchased ages ago from


After Downloading and installing PonyProg from (this page didnt work for me in firefox so it was back to Internet Explorer and it was fine). I had to run Pongprog as Administrator to give it access to the parallel port. Then just some configuration in Pongprog

From the setup –> Interface setup menu select parallel port, AVR ISP I/O and LPT1 shown below


Click Ok and then from the Setup menu select Calibration and run the calibration this should all be fine.

From the device dropdown box select the AVR Micro (in the left box) and then ATmega32 (in the right box)as below


Then from the command menu select Security and Configuration bits and set them as below noting the text in the red box


After that you can just open a hex file and flash the device and all works great.

NOTE: These Security and Config bits worked for my configuration but make sure you consult the datasheet and consider your own setup before trying any of this as you could potentialy brick your chip.

2 thoughts on “How to use ISP and Ponyprog with my Atmega32 board

  1. i did atmega32 isp programmer circuit ,but i can not work anything problem ,miso,mosi ,sck ,reset ,atmega32 gnd,vcc pin’s connection full ,but not working ,i can not understand


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