Samsung P2 with Linux [Ubuntu]

To get you samsung P2 to talk linux you need to replace the firmware with an older version that allows you to change the player from talking (MTP) Windows media player language to (UMS) The USB mass storage which is what your thumb drive talks. After that change you can update to the latest fimware and your old setting of UMS will stick.

Hit p2-firmware to download a zip with an older preconfigured firmware and the latest 5.80 firmware. Flash with the old one first and turn the P2 on and off until the update is complete and then repeat the process with the newer firmware and thats all there is to it. These inital flashes will need to be done on a windows XP/Vista machine so you can copy the new firmwares to the device. Information on how to update firmware is on the samsung website but all it takes is to just dump the 3 firmware files in the root of the device.

Your P2 is now everything compatible as long as it can handle a usb thumb drive so thats Windows/Mac/Linux all happy.