Start and Stop your torrents automaticly {ubuntu}

Using the bittorrent client called transmission you can setup a cron job to start and stop at the right times of day.

If your on a recent installation of ubuntu you will already have transmission installed so it is only a matter of telling it when to start and stop.

open a terminal window and run

crontab -e

Paste the start and stop lines

#####This line starts transmission at 1:10am
10 1 * * * env DISPLAY=:0 /usr/bin/transmission

#####This line stops transmission at 9:55am
55 9 * * * env DISPLAY=:0 /usr/bin/transmission -q

then press ctrl+o and then ctrl+x to save and quit crontab

Now you can use transmission like you normaly would and then close it and be sure that it will run  overnight and stop within the time period.

Rip an hour of internet radio {ubuntu}

I have a number of radio shows that i like to listen to but am often busy at the time they are on.

The solution is to use streamripper to download the webcast of the stream for only that hour.

Install streamripper

sudo apt-get install streamripper

Configure it to run at a particular time

Open a terminal window and run

crontab -e

Paste the line

1 12 * * * streamripper -l 3600 -t –quiet

What does this mean

“1 12 * * *” This is just crontab syntax  if you google it  you will find guides easily

“streamripper” This starts the streamripper application” this is the location of the stream you want to rip

“-l 3600” The time in seconds you want to rip for

“-t”  This tells streamripper not to overwrite the previous stream

“–quiet” tells streamripper to not log much information

If you look in your home folder you will now have a folder with your streams in it!