Mount OpenSSH servers as part of the file system {Ubuntu}

I install OpenSSH on nearly all my systems for easy remote access, but until now  have never been able to easily transfer files between the host & client machines.

To do this on a Ubuntu 8.04 client, install the sshfs package via

apt-get install sshfs

Then simply mount drives like this

sshfs /mnt/ssh

where is the server your connecting to

/mnt/stuff is the folder on the server you want to mount

/mnt/ssh is the local folder you want the mount to go

Thats all there is to it!

Syncronise large collections over local network {RSYNC}

I have shelves & shelves of cds that i have ripped to FLAC & it sits on my laptop but a recent drop of my laptop rendered its hard disk no longer useful for storing data.

I had a backup of my library on my NAS but it was maintained by hand using copy & paste whenever i remembered. SO i have now found that i have to re-rip a bunch of my CDs.

Now using RSYNC i have this problem no longer there is a quick & easy way to sync.

Install RSYNC (as root)

apt-get install rsync

First mount the two libraries (as root)

mount /dev/sdb4 /mnt/stuff/
mount // /mnt/samba/

Make sure all the permissions are ok (as root)

chmod -R 777 /mnt/stuff

chmod -R 777 /mnt/samba

List the files that would change if a sync went ahead

rsync –size-only –verbose –recursive –dry-run /mnt/stuff/Music/ /mnt/samba/Music/

Once your happy with the files that will move take off the –dry-run

rsync –size-only –verbose –recursive /mnt/stuff/Music/ /mnt/samba/Music/

Thats all there is to it! is live {Software}

I have been trying to find somewhere to dump my code both old & new. The problem was that most of it was not worthy of a source forge page or anything like that so i just kinda gave up on it. A week or so  had to build a little CMS for a company so i stripped it back once it was finished & made it my own.

I now have somewhere that i can easily just make a folder on the server & FTP dump all the files up & the server handles the rest.

A few people gave me a few ideas on how to do it with htaccess but im on shared hosting so that wasnt possible.

Check it out & do what you like with the code you find there its all under GPL

link – now powered by green power (Ventex)

A blog post on our hosting companies website says that were now powered by offset green wind power from texas. While its not self contained solution its still a great step in the right direction. They are offering little tags for websites to show they are powered by wind, i dont know if its something the LOGIN group may want but its something we could consider.

Check out the blog post here

Automatic Background Image Rotation for Gnome (Ubuntu)

I was looking for a little app to randomly pick a wallpaper image from my directory of images to use as my wallpaper.

I found an application called wallpaper-tray which is a little tray app that will do just that.

apt-get install wallpaper-tray

Once this was installed i wanted it to run automaticly so i went into

System –> Preferences –> Sessions

Click on “Startup Programs” tab

Click on “New”

Add a name & in the command box put “wallpaper-tray”

This means that the app will run on boot, it now appears in the top corner & its neat little interface makes it easy to add directories for it to grab images from.