Wii Compatable feed reader (Wii)

I recently got my hands or a Wii and have been using the opera based web browser, my problem is that it does not have an RSS reader so i still had to get my notebook out each night to check the news.

I have looked at other existing solutions (google reader etc) but i wanted something really clean & clear for use on the Wii & the single column mode works a treat on the Wii.

To setup a planet on my shared hosting on cwraig.id.au

Created the planet.cwraig.id.au subdomain

Go to http://planetplanet.org & download the latest tarball.

Extract & upload to the server

I have so far left the default “fancy” template to its default settings i have only customised



Email etc

and added my feeds to the bottom.

In order to get the planet to run on shared hosting where you do not have a full terminal environment i had to use this bash script to execute the python after changing directory.

#———Start of run.sh———

#! /bin/sh
cd /home/cwraigid/public_html/planet/;
/usr/bin/python planet.py examples/basic/config.ini

#———End of run.sh———

Thanks to http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Planet for that hint

Its finally a matter of adding run.sh to the crontab so it updates automaticly

20 * * * * /home/cwraigid/public_html/planet/run.sh

I also threw together some php to force an update whenever i want outside of the normal hourly schedule

#———Start of update.php———

<h1>This will force an update of the planet</h1>
$output = shell_exec(‘/home/cwraigid/public_html/planet/run.sh’);
echo “<pre>$output</pre>”;

#———End of update.php———

This page when accessed via a web browser will force an update of the planet page

Edit: (i forgot this) Have a look at the final result at http://planet.cwraig.id.au

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