Share your music to itunes (Edit:and Winamp) (Ubuntu)

Ive been forced to bulid a Windows XP machine to use as a desktop & i wanted a simple way to get my music across the network.

After Steves talk last month at the LUG meeting i thought ide fire up mt-daap & give it a quick whirl.

To Install

apt-get install mt-daap

Now go and open


You will be able to change a few things here. Its very clearly labeled, eg administrator password etc

Now just open a web browser to

All the other configuration can be done here. Click start the media scan & thats all there is to it.

Open itunes & your off & running

EDIT: Throw away itunes & use this for Winamp

Disclaimer – The Winamp plugin still requires bonjour from apple so you still get that apple software update shit.

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