Finding where your hard disk Space has gone (Ubuntu)

One of the best apps in the Ubuntu Repository is Filelight.

Filelight will scan your folders or file system & show you very quickly where your hard disk space has gone. It is not easy to describe how it displays the data but check it out.

apt-get install filelight

Thats all there is to it, you will now find Filelight under

Applications –>Accesories –>Filelight

Have a look at the Filelight Website

One thought on “Finding where your hard disk Space has gone (Ubuntu)

  1. Thanks for the post over at my blog. I thought I would mosey on over and check out yours. I had never heard of firelight until I read this post but after installing it, I’ve found it rocks.

    The ability to start at a per partition disk free/used report and then drill down is excellent.

    The way the graphical display works means that the biggest splash of colour is consuming the most disc space which means you can make the biggest gains quickly with out running around your file tree with a command prompt and du -sh .

    Thanks again!


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