Get through Newcastle Uni Proxy without Java on Linux (Don’t Use this Method)

If you dont want to Inflict Java Runtime Environment on your Linux Install i have found a really rough workaround.

I have only used this because i forgot to install Java while at home. I don’t Recommend anyone use this on a day to day basis. (as opposed to everything else i blog)

Start Windows XP throughVMware player & open Internet Explorer this will use the ActiveX  ProxyAuthentication.

(Vwmare is set to share my local network connections via NAT)

Once windows has authenticated the proxy now knows my MAC address & i can just put the into firefox on linux & its all happy.

Vista on Newcastle University Wireless 2008 (Vista)

I gave up & went to see the Tech Support guys at the AIC today & all my settings were fine that i got from their flier.

I had run windows update the night before & i thought i was up to date.

They gave me a new hotfix from a cd with this filename “Windows6.0_KB932063_x86.msu”

This made it all good (as good as vista can be) & connect as ubuntu did out of the box 😛

How to make a 256k BIOS a 512k BIOS (xbox)

My xecuter 2 mod chip has two banks of 1m flash space (two banks @ 512k each)

The problem arises because the cromwell bios i downloaded was only 256k. I found that it just needed “padding out” so i just created a new file with two copies of the bios after each other (256k + 256k = 512k) using this command.

cat cromwell256.bin cromwell256.bin > cromwell512.bin

Then just flash using the HTTP flash bios

My IRC Channels (IRC)

I often find that i cannot remember what IRC channels/servers ive been to:



Freenode –








Thats all for now