Get your browser to follow etqw:// links (Linux)

I managed to get both FireFox and Opera to run Enemy Territory – Quake Wars & join the server straight from the browser window.

First you need to create a little script to put it all together.


# Script to run ETQW from a browser


SERVER=`echo ${1} | cut -d “/” -f 3`

${ETQW} +connect ${SERVER}

You will have to change the ETQW variable to the location of your ETQW binary

Now you just need to get  Opera to run that script when you click a link.

Open Opera and Click

Tools –> Preferences –> Programs –> Add

 Put “etqw” in the protocol box

and the link to your connect script it the application box “/scripts/”

Now ETQW will run when you click it from Opera

For FireFox you need to point the browser window to


you can now right click and choose New –> Boolean & set the Name to


& set it to true

Now Create a New String


& Set the value to


Firefox Should now follow your links

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