Clark Connect On VMware (Ubuntu)

I really want to run as my gateway for my home network but i dont like to run more than one server 24-7 for environmental reasons.

I have a ubuntu server/media centre PC that is a Core 2 duo with 1gb of ram. Thats enough for two linux servers.

Add Hardware

At the moment i have one network card plugged into my network (eth0) for ubuntu’s traffic

I added another two

One (eth1) for Clark Connect’s internal traffic

And the second for Clark Connect’s Web Connection (Via ADSL)

Now i have a Ubuntu 7.10 machine with 3 nics

eth0 – Ubuntu

 eth1 – CC – LAN

eth2 – CC – WAN

Install VMware

I installed VMwarefollowing the instructions here

The only difference is that when it asks you about networks you want to bridge physical cards to virtual VMware cards

This will give you direct access to the cards by VMware sessions

Install Clark Connect on VMware

Now by logging into VMware i created a new Virtual Machine for clark connect and adding the network connections

I also told vmware to use the Clark connect ISO as the CD drive so i didnt have to bother burning off a CD

Now i just booted from the cd using VMware and installed as usual

I now have ClarkConnect running on VMware giving out DHCP addresses and Sharing my ADSL

Finishing Touches

The last job to do is to get VMware to boot Clark Connect on boot each time.

In the VMware server console i right clicked the Clark Connect Virtual Machine and hit Settings

On the Options tab there is an option Startup/Shutdown under here you can set the Virtual Machine to power on at Ubuntu boot time

All done

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