How To Install MythTv on Ubuntu 7.10 (basic) (Ubuntu)

I installed the following packages via Synaptic Package Manager
(You may need the Mulitverse and Universe Repositories)

It is important to note that you do not need all these packages but i want to setup some of the others later
eg news, extra themes etc

Package List

mytharchive mythbrowser mythcontrols mythdvd mythgallery mythgame mythmusic mythnews mythplugins mythstream mythtv mythtv-themes mythtv-transcode-utils mythvideo mythweather mythweb

During the Installation DPKG asked me the following questions

Do i want remote access to mythweb – Yes (i want to be able to schedule programs from other machines)

Do i want remote access to the mythtv database – Yes (i want to be able te use other frontends)

Fixing the Mysql Database

The Database installation didnt work on default settingg because i already have a database set so the MYSQL root password was not known by mythtv. If you didnt have MYSQL installed before this you will probably not need this step
To fix the database i ran as root

 dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database

This asked me for the mysql root password

Adding yourself to the mythtv group

sudo gpasswd -a robert mythtv

gpasswd = the user group manager app
-a = add switch
robert = username
mythtv = the group we want the user added to

You will now need to logout and in again to get the new group settings

Run the mythtv-setup program
Open a terminal window and type


press enter

This will run the configuration program (it will ask you to shutdown the backend say yes)

This is the most complex part of the mythtv setup
As a general rule if you don’t know an answer leave it as default

In this section we need to tell myth about our hardware (capture card), tell myth about our video source (Free to Air TV) and then tell myth that we want to watch free to air tv on our capture card

The first menu item is the general configuration go in here

1. General
In here I needed to set

TV format = PAL

Frequency Table = Australia

XMLTV Offset = None (this says that the times in the tv guide are local times)

that’s all we need from here now go back to the main menu and go into Capture Cards

2. Capture Cards
All I needed here was to change my

card type = DVB DTV capture card

The name of the card came up below
Jump to menu and go for video sources

3. Video Sources

Video Source Name = Free to Air HDTV

XMLTV listing = Transmitted guide only (EIT) – this will get us going for a start

Now for input connections go back to the main menu

4. Input Connections
This is where you connect the Capture card to the Free to Air Source
Select your Video Source

I then needed to scan for channels so I clicked “Scan for Channels”
I changed my

Country = Australia

Scan Type = FullScan

This scanned the Networks and added them all

I did not need to do anything in the channel editor

Finishing Up
Just escape out of the setup program and it will ask you to run mythtv-fill-database
This fills the database with the settings you have just set in the setup application
Setup is complete
If you go into tho applications menu —> Sound and Video —>MythTv Frontend

You should be able to watch TV on your PC

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