ProjectM in Amarok via LibVisual (Ubuntu)

In another post i showed how i installed ProjectM (The Open Source Milkdrop for Linux)

It has just been sitting dorment wasting hard drive space, now to tie it in with Amarok

Get the Source code from Sourceforge projectM website labeled (ProjectM-LibVisual)

Extract the code.

I needed an extra package

sudo apt-get install -y libsdl1.2-dev

then cd into the source directory and run



make install

Nom when you click visualisations in Amarok you will get ProjectM


Diego has just pointed out that ubuntu now has packages to support Project M in amarok.

See his comment for details


One thought on “ProjectM in Amarok via LibVisual (Ubuntu)

  1. Hi! Ubuntu now has packages for projectm called libvisual-projectm, libprojectm1 and libprojectm1-data. Install those and amarok will be ready to show projectM in the visualizations menu!


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