How to Find a Drive UUID (Linux)

My drives seem to change their bios location at will after each boot

so rather than mount them using their device names

 eg. /dev/sdc1

I have specified their UUID in /etc/fstab

#Data Disks

UUID=9e058272-98f0-441b-be73-1c60d3154501 /mnt/data1 auto defaults 0 0

UUID=332b3329-2111-4654-b968-7b3b421cdf95 /mnt/data2 auto defaults 0 0

UUID=4e203f8f-2c30-4783-a9e2-eea5339546a5 /mnt/stuff auto defaults 0 0

To find all these UUID keys i used

vol_id /dev/sda1

This gave me the UUID of the disk so my mounts are bolted down no matter where the disks try to hide

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