Connect to a RSYNC server (Gentoo)

  • To connect to RSYNC servers use the command

rsync -avz”My Music” /mnt/stuff/

  •  -avz = Arhive mode, Verbose Mode, Compression
  • = The Server we are connecting to
  • ::stuff = the module name from the /etc/rsyncd.conf on the server
  • /”My Music” = The folder inside the sync that i want
  • /mnt/stuff = the local folder that i want the sync to copy to

2 thoughts on “Connect to a RSYNC server (Gentoo)

  1. I notice you specified archive mode in the command. But how are you getting rsync server to preserve user and group ownership in the copied files. Especially if you are using:
    uid = nobody
    gid = nogroup
    …in your /etc/rsyncd.conf file


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